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   close(OUT); ​   close(OUT); ​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +====== STEP 3 – Generating graphs ======
 +Primary principle of G-langugae GAE is to make analysis more efficient. So G-language GAE provides a method grapher() to automatically draw a graph which save up user’s time. 
 +  grapher(¥@x-axis,​ ¥@value1, ¥@value2 ...)
 +  option description
 +  x x-axis label
 +  y y-axis label
 +  x1, x2, ... @value1, @value2, ...
 +  filename Filename
 +  title title
 +There are many more options available. For further options see reference.
 +This is it for generating a graph.
 +Following script opens a graph with much more colorfully generated by gnuplot with attached gimv viewer.
 +====== STEP 4 - Done ======
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