Pathway Visualization Software

With this CGI-based web application, you can map your own data onto the KEGG pathway and generate the FLASH graphics. Heteromeric enzymes are correctly mapped with multiple gene components, and metabolic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data can be mapped simultaneously.

Select the pathway and organism of your choice, and then input the data in the following text area. The data is comma delimited "name,value" pair. "Name" is the name of an entry that you wish to mark (for example, gene name, EC number, or KEGG compound id), and "Value" is the intensity of the color that you wish to mark the entity. The value for all values must be between 1 to 100. Each line contains one entry. View the sample data on the bottom of this page for example.

Important Notice: The software automatically downloads KEGG data and creates the FLASH image in the background. Academic users may freely download the KEGG data as provided at the GenomeNet ftp site at, but non-academic users are requested to obtain a license agreement through the licensor, Pathway Solutions Inc., for installation of KEGG at their sites, for distribution or reselling of KEGG data, for software development and any other commercial activities that make use of KEGG, and also as end users of the third-party programs that access the KEGG ftp site.

Following are the color codes:

Select the pathway:
Select the organism:
Color for Genes/Proteins: Red to Green Blue to Yellow
Color for Compounds: Red to Green Blue to Yellow

Click the bottom on the right to load sample data:

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