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Added circular bacterial genome map


Added new pathway map "Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites"


Pathway Projector paper published.


Documentation is added.


Reference map and webpage renewal



• Pathway Projector overview

• Zoomable User Interface

» Google Maps API

» Ext JS 2.0

• Pathway map

» KEGG Atlas

» Re-creation

• Search

• Meta word search

• Molecular mass search

» Results

• Route search

» Results

• Sequence-based search (BLAST)

» Results

• Pathway prediction (GEM System)

• Output

• Annotation

• Data mapping

• Mapping format

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» Time series data

» Pathway

» Organism comparison

• SOAP service

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• Manual editing

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• Data

• Information window

» Click mode

» Mouse over mode

• Organism

• Databases

• Installation


• Information window

example graphic example graphic

By clicking on the map, the information window will open with information about the clicked node. It contains several links to various databases. This window also has the button to start path search. Users can search possible path by setting start and end compound.
Furthermore, you have two choices to open this Information window by click or mouse over.

example graphic

» Click mode

This is a normal mode. You can click all components and made the Information window open.
When users switch between this mode and mouse over mode, please click this button
Mouse Over mode (without click) .

» Mouse over mode

When users click "Mouse Over mode" button, the Pathway Projector page reloads and makes an "Information sub-window" open at the bottom. This Information sub-window shows various information similar to Information window according to components that are done mouse over.
To switch the click mode, please click this button Click mode (without click) .


• Organism

example graphic

Organism-specific pathway maps for 843 species, including both eukaryotes and prokaryotes, were subsequently generated using the reference pathway map based on KEGG Orthology.

example graphic

• Databases

Pathway Projector has a lot of links to various databases from information window. When users open organism specific pathway map, the Information window shows the organism specific databases.

» Escherichia coli

The databases are ECOCYC, EcoGene, and UniProt ...

» Human

The databases are OMIM, HGNC, Ensembl, and HPRD ...