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  (thr|rrn)   (thr|rrn)
 +===== Sequence-based Search (BLAST) ===== 
 +You can search Genome Projector using sequence-based search powered by BLAST. Just like keyword search, you can simply enter a sequence (raw or FASTA format, multiple FASTA entries is allowed) in a text box after opening corresponding window by pressing the "BLAST Search" button located next to the keyword search area. The system automatically identifies whether the given sequence is a nucleotide acid or amino acid sequence, and uses appropriate programs (blastp for amino acid, blastn for nucleotide) and databases. Just like the keyword search, sequence-based search shows corresponding results in all views, and also in all organisms. So you can explore the gene conservation levels by clicking through different organisms. Search Result tab shows E-values for sequence-based search.
===== Search Results ===== ===== Search Results =====